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Denise White:

May 9,2012

Autumn Cove Staff

Your compassion, understanding and kindness has been such a blessing during ... >>>More

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Ellen Bass:

My mom was a very independent person and when she moved here from Tuscaloosa she wanted to live alone. That worked for about two years. Then she knew and I knew that we needed help. I began to look at a couple of places and when I looked at ... >>>More

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Maggie Aderholdt

Hi, I'm Maggie, and I've come today to talk to you about Autumn Cove and the wonderful service my mother receives here. She moved here two years ago from Lexington, Kentucky. We checked out retirement homes all the way from Kentucky to Atlanta to Jacksonville, Piedmont and then in Anniston. This was our favorite place. She receives all the services that I thought she would miss in a private home. I thought she would miss cooking and cleaning but she adapted very fast to this lovely resort life that she has here now. It gives us the time together to spend reading the paper and taking walks together that if she had her own home I’d probably be busy washing dishes. The best thing for me is that I’ve gained a family here at Autumn Cove. The staff and the nurses give me advice to go get a shot for poison ivy or go home and take a nap.

My mother is thrilled with the attention. At one point she wondered who had lived in the room before her; they must have been someone very famous because so many people were always stopping in checking. She said they must be looking for this famous person who used to live here. But all these services and check-ins were for my mother.

I think it’s living like living on a resort ship when I come here and I see the activity calendar posted for the day, with the art and the exercise. I think it’s just like a cruise ship.

I enjoy eating with her in the dining room. It’s a favorite time. The variety and the cheerfulness of the staff as they serve that food is outstanding.

This is where you need to come for that final point in your life when you have earned a vacation and a resort. >>>Less

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Todd Caldwell

My name is Todd Caldwell. My mother, Lee Caldwell, was a resident of Autumn Cove for almost two years. During her stay she lived in the assisted living section and in the special needs section. Her health issues included congestive heart ... >>>More

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