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Denise White:

May 9,2012

Autumn Cove Staff

Your compassion, understanding and kindness has been such a blessing during the
time that my mother has been at Autumn Cove. You will never know how much
that it has meant to me to watch you all take care of her and display so much grace
and love.

Her journey through Alzheimers has taken many turns but with each new challenge
I know that you have always went above and beyond and provided the very
best care that she could ever receive. I have watched her regain so many things that
truly brought her joy and happiness. From her beloved bus rides, to joining in the
singing and participating in the crafts. But most important to me, was watching her
face light up with a big smile as she would recognize so many of you in the hall or as
you came into her room just to check on her. To watch her dance with you all and
smile and laugh with joy was such a blessing to me. For a brief time, Alzheimers was
no longer visible, she was back to being a young girl and just enjoying life. I have listened
to her tell so many of you that she loved you, and I want you all to know and
understand how much that meant to me. I know from the bottom of my heart that
she truly did.

For each of you that have been a part of providing care to Mrs. Stepps, I want you
to know how special that you are and how grateful that I am to you. I know that you
all were a part of God's Plan in our lives. Your professionalism is evident, but your
grace, compassion, kindness and understanding will never be forgotten.


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